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I was originally using this assignment as an opportunity to work on a mini stop action animation film inspired by my years working in an elementary school.  I was disturbed by the amount of hyper stimulation the students were constantly bombarded with, not only in kid pop culture but also from what is considered “educational programming.”  My desire was to bring it back to the basics like the mini documentaries and short films that were featured on Sesame Street during the seventies and eighties.  After running through several trials it became clear this idea was bigger than what my current goal was and I needed to strip it down even further and bring myself back to the basics.

Thus, I brought out my Joy of Cooking book – a house hold standard and reference encyclopedia for your general cooking needs. I went through the standard recipes and made a list of main ingredients and their typical measurements.  I came up with twenty separate ingredients that will cover all your baking needs; many of them serve the same purpose for leavening, binding, or flavor essence.  I then took my redundant list and tried my luck with mixing the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients.  And to my delight, this list did not create a chemistry disaster in my oven, but instead worked rather well.

…and pretty tasty!