With the diverse and surprisingly colorful forms of tools and hardware, we are often presented with a mysterious contraption, comprised of features that have been dictated by utility.  What happens when the intended function is removed and we see an object that is open to interpretation? The physical qualities are interesting enough to allow these objects to be played with outside of their usual function.

For this body of work I re-purposed my own tools and hardware in nonfunctional, aesthetic arrangements and installations as a way to investigate how one engages with play.  By discarding the idea of their intended function I expose the object’s ability to act freely with one’s imagination.  Children are more inclined to uninhibited approaches of investigation and creativity, which tends to diminish as we get older. Over the years we learn more, and we accumulate more possessions along with acquiring all the factual information that applies to an object.  With this volume of information our spontaneous curiosity begins to atrophy. I am interested in redirecting knowledge of an object’s use of the utility to new categories of logic and their poetic, playful possibilities.

More images soon to come from the Mills College MFA exhibition, The Last Show On Earth

Below are select chalk drawings and animation stills. 

Check back soon for images of the installation, more drawings and animations. Or, just come to the MFA show and see it in person!

The Hardware Affair